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Fiberglass 5.5" Nike Smoke - Gloria Robinson - 12-27-2015

Fiberglass Rocket (Estate sale)

77" long
5.5" diameter 
9 lbs.
Hand Laid Fiberglass Nose Cone
75mm mount
Hand Laid carbon fiber fincan
Maybe never flown. Fincan assembled.
Plates for nosecone to install AV bay in nosecone shoulder for dual deploy.

RE: Fiberglass 5.5" Nike Smoke - Gloria Robinson - 12-30-2015

How about or best offer..

RE: Fiberglass 5.5" Nike Smoke - Gloria Robinson - 01-01-2016

We are still up for sale.
Let me add a few pictures of the build.
The MMT is 14in long and has two all threads running top to bottom and glassed over on the aft end.
There are two tee nuts in the aft CR for motor retention and a u-bolt in the forward CR for harness attachment.
A small chip in the gel coat of the fin can reveals the carbon that the fin can is made of.
The booster is 7#. Nosecone just over 1#.
This has never flown as there are no rail buttons.
The nosecone is awesome with all the details of a Nike and it is virgin, never touched by the builder.
It comes with bulkheads to install an e-bay in the shoulder of the nosecone.