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NARCON 2016 - Rich Holmes - 03-02-2016

Here's an album of about 150 photos I took last weekend at NARCON in Dayton. Includes visits to the Air Force museum and to eRockets/Semroc.

RE: NARCON 2016 - Bill Eichelberger - 03-02-2016

I was hoping to make it, but I've been battling an eye infection that leaves my eye very sensitive to light, and when the day dawned bright and sunny, I knew I was doomed. Lousy luck all around. Perfect flight day but for B6-4 Field being under water and the winds gusting to 15mph, so I lost on all counts.

RE: NARCON 2016 - Greg Young - 03-03-2016

You took some great shots Rich! Smile

RE: NARCON 2016 - Rich Holmes - 03-04-2016

For those who like their pictures moving, there are videos (not by me) on YouTube of nearly all the NARCON 2016 presentations as well as the opening night talks and the Sunday State of the NAR and town hall:

(I liked all the presentations I went to, but if you're going to watch just one, I'd recommend Peter Alway's great talk on the first 700 years of rocketry.)