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Cyclone build from plans - Kirk G - 06-11-2016

Not sure where I found the link posted, but some rocketeer shared a link to on-line plans to build a "maple leaf style" two stage rocket that would tumble back to Earth on an A3-4T...
The plans must be at least ten years old, and the email link asking for feedback no longer works.

However, there is a parts list and instructions on how to assemble the thing.  Two "fins" are attached to the bottom stage thruster, and one large maple leaf fin is attached to the upper stage and nosecone.

The plans urge you to build it exactly to specs, as weight and angles are critical.  They also suggest a test flight before painting, so that you can tinker or change what you like easily.

I started measuring the parts against the scrap balsa that has come as "flashing" around other kit fins and parts, and found that I had just enough or the right size to create the maple leaf fin, and too thick, but the two counterballance fins.  I started to search for the right size and length body tubes and found that I didn't have a source.
I drove up 45 miles to a hobby shop and found two motor mount adapter kits for BT-50 and BT-20 that would complete the project...except I overlooked the lack of a BNC-20R nosecone, a weight rod and a launch lug.  I was able to find a nosecone eventually and used a chopstick for the weight rod....

however today I walked to the launch rod and completely had forgotten a launch lug.  I was stuck.
Fortunately, another rocketeer not only had a soda straw, but another had super glue and I had speed I was in business.

I inserted the motor (much harder than I had planned) and launched it.  It went up like a rocket, and separated nicely.  The twin counterbalance fins in the lower stage came down beautifully, but the maple leaf upper stage failed to spin.  It more rocked back and forth, as it dropped horizontally.   I'm a bit stumped, except to think that the chopstick weight rod may be twice as heavy as it should be, and perhaps I will either find a meat skewer for a kabob to try instead, or else, I may cut the chopstick in half and continue on with it lighter and shorter.

Has anyone finished a Cyclone?  Any comments?   I'm almost done tinkering with this distraction, and will probably not paint it, as  I don't have a color scheme in mind, nor the patience to do much more fiddling with it.  Those packs of A3-4T can add up, and I have only two more motors left....unless I try the A3-3T that I have left over too!