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Der Pink Mini Max - Rich Holmes - 06-18-2016

A long time ago, more or less by accident, I ended up with a set of Der Pink Mini Max decals from Excelsior Rocketry (a.k.a. Sandman Decals, now defunct). Last year I built a Mini Max kit, and this week I finally finished with paint, decals, and clear coat.

I dithered a little, okay, a lot, over what to do with this rocket. The decals are clever but not really my thing. I considered adding another decal reading — presumably in tiny tiny lettering — as follows, from Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals:

Quote:Ah, I think I have it. The pink proclaims an almost belligerent masculinity, saying as it does: I am so masculine I can afford to tempt you to question it, giving me the opportunity to proclaim it anew by doing violence to you in response. I don’t know if you have ever read Ofleberger’s Die Wesentlichen Ungewissheiten Zugehörig der Offenkundigen Männlichkeit?

But in the end I decided to just donate it to the Syracuse Rocket Club as a giveaway rocket.

[Image: img_9491.jpg] 
[Image: img_9494.jpg]

RE: Der Pink Mini Max - MarkH - 06-19-2016

Well all Red Max's are cool even pink ones. 

When did Gordy stop selling decals?

RE: Der Pink Mini Max - Rich Holmes - 06-20-2016

May 23.

OK, maybe he still has some for sale but he's not making any more.

RE: Der Pink Mini Max - Kirk G - 06-20-2016

Perhaps this would be attractive to a young girl who wants to get into rocketry?

RE: Der Pink Mini Max - Rich Holmes - 06-20-2016

Perhaps. Or a young boy. Or an old girl.