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Scratch built 38mm rocket - T34zac - 08-13-2016

As you may or may not be able to tell from the title of the thread, I do not have a name for this rocket.  But I will be attempting to build my first, non MD, scratch built high power rocket! This design originally started life as a two stage rocket I almost built but I then adapted it as a contest entry for AMW's Red Rhino contest they held a while back. Any and all name suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

The rocket in question will be 38mm fiberglass utilizing one of the CTI polycarbonate nose cones and a 29mm motor mount. For now it will be single deploy but in time I will build an Av-bay and payload section so I can fly it on some of the CTI 6XL Is.

Once I get back to my desktop I'll throw in a screen shot of the OR model so everyone can see what it will look like.

In the mean time, let's get into the build.

I decided to start with the motor mount. I used JB weld to bond the aeropack and centering rings on.

I've also slotted the body tube. I'm going to bond the fins to the motor mount before I put the motor into the body tube.