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Gloss white pain - Rich Holmes - 06-13-2015

Or paint. Whatever. Talk to me.

Most of my rockets I paint with Rusto 2X, and mostly it works out fairly well. But the white sometimes is fine and sometimes isn't. Sometimes it's rough, sometimes an orange peel or cottage cheese texture. I'm thinking it's not a clogged nozzle, because in fact it seems to occur more with a new can, and because I haven't seen convincing evidence that changing nozzles helps (though I haven't been systematic about studying that.) I'm painting over Rusto primers. I paint in temperatures above 60F and humidity below 50% if at all possible. I shake the can for about 2 minutes before starting. I've had the same can, same nozzle, similar surface prep, give me cottage cheese one day and smooth gloss texture the next. Other colors same brand seem to be less susceptible.

Are there better gloss white rattle can paints that don't cost an arm and a leg? (If you want to propose non rattle can paints go ahead, but in another thread, please, I want to focus on rattle cans here. And let's not get too verbose about paint that is no longer on the market, either, OK?) Am I missing something in my technique? What works for you... if anything?

RE: Gloss white pain - Greg Young - 06-13-2015

If you are seeing orange peeling occurring with your white topcoat I would think you are applying it a little too thick for that specific paint.
Some people swear by Krylon, and dislike Rustoleum, others hold the reverse viewpoint.
I would suggest trying a very light spray topcoat, letting it dry, then applying a second coat, again light, letting it dry, and then apply your third coat more heavily.
Even when using products from one manufacturer there can be issues with the timing of additional coats, and how thick they can be applied in one setting.
I don't believe it's the nozzles, temperatures, or humidity based on your descriptions...

RE: Gloss white pain - Rich Holmes - 06-13-2015

(06-13-2015, 12:10 PM)Greg Young Wrote: If you are seeing orange peeling occurring with your white topcoat I would think you are applying it a little too thick for that specific paint.

Perhaps I used the wrong term, but I see weird stuff happening as soon as the paint hits the rocket (if not before!), not after a thick layer's been built up.

RE: Gloss white pain - rstaff3 - 06-13-2015

On my last two builds, I've merely shot two coats of gloss clear over the primer Cool  (but then, I am happy if my rocket looks good from 10')

RE: Gloss white pain - Rich Holmes - 06-13-2015

So today, the same (new) can of white that was giving me fits a week ago worked fine. Huh

RE: Gloss white pain - rstaff3 - 06-14-2015

Possible variables: Ambient temp? Humidity? Amount of time you allowed for the undercoat to degas?

RE: Gloss white pain - challenger11 - 06-14-2015

I live in the south and the humidity here gives me fits when it comes to painting. The paint that went on great the first two times is horrible the third time. I am a rattle can user but am toying with experimenting with my VERY under-used airbrush.

RE: Gloss white pain - rstaff3 - 06-15-2015

Slightly unrelated to the original post (maybe?) but I seem to be hearing a lot about paint varying by color. This weekend heard another one. The guy shot rattle can lacquer, one red and one black. All pieces evidently done at the same time under the same conditions. The red was great, the black never 100% set. You could see the weave pattern on the black cone from the cloth he wrapped it in for transport. Weird.

I hate paint!

RE: Gloss white pain - Joe Shockcord - 06-15-2015

I had the same problem as Rich and can definitely sympathize. I sprayed three rockets on the same day, close to the same time, with white Rusto 2X. The first started nice and smooth (it lulled me into a false sense of security) and then the spraying sound changed from a hiss to more of a splatter, and before I could stop the flow or move the can away, half my rocket looked like a popcorn ceiling. After muttering a few naughty words, I held the can out and sprayed the cottage cheese into the air until the spray sounded like a hiss again. Then I tried painting the first rocket again (might as well, it was already messed up) and the paint came out smooth again. Then I moved on to the other two rockets and they came out fine too.

So here's my advice: If you're going to insist upon painting a rocket with white Rusto 2X, start the can by painting an empty paper towel tube, hopefully catching the cottage cheese, THEN paint your rocket(s). You'll waste paint doing that, but at this point I think that's what Rustoleum intended.

As for that first popcorn ceiling rocket, I left the paint as it was and named it "Finished With Rustoleum," as in I AM.

RE: Gloss white pain - Rich Holmes - 06-16-2015


So Joe, what DO you use for white gloss paint now?