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RE: TRF's Maintenance - Blackjack2564 - 06-16-2015

I've been on & off since early this morning. No problem other than many avatars are gone & there are mysterious ?'s everywhere ...........that pictures once were.

I ran a scan thingies last night on my Mac and got a "we are changing servers and maintenance will be ongoing for awhile"
It listed all the servers, new host site etc.....but I don't pay any attention to all that crap.

RE: TRF's Maintenance - wclune - 06-16-2015

Geez i have not had an issue with posting photos myself.. choose the files and hit submit. It does get rather upset if the file is to big. What browser are you guys using?

RE: TRF's Maintenance - rstaff3 - 06-17-2015

K'Tesh, not that anyone is listening on TRF, but could you post over there that I still can't log on. This is the message I got on the 1st try this AM:

Wrong username or password. You have used up your failed login quota! Please wait 15 minutes before trying again. Don't forget that the password is case sensitive. Forgotten your password? Click here!

I was also kicked off the app and can't get in that way either.

A big thanks in advance!

RE: TRF's Maintenance - rharshberger - 06-17-2015

I too get the wrong username and password spiel. So the maintenance must still be ongoing.

RE: TRF's Maintenance - phlash - 06-17-2015

I didn't see the post until after hitting 404 a couple of times...

RE: TRF's Maintenance - K'Tesh - 06-17-2015

Just posted over there for you rstaff

RE: TRF's Maintenance - rharshberger - 06-17-2015

I just attempted to send TRF a email via their contact us about the log on issue. I cant log on from either my android phone or my PC.

RE: TRF's Maintenance - Joe Shockcord - 06-17-2015

(06-16-2015, 05:35 PM)TopRamen Wrote: I tried logging in a little while ago but it went straight to a message that said I had used up my log in attempts, and to try back in 15 minutes, which I did, with the same result.

I had the same problem last night and I finally gave up and asked to be e-mailed my password but never got the e-mail.

RE: TRF's Maintenance - rstaff3 - 06-17-2015

K'Tesh was nice enough to log my complaint and I tried the email form too. This forum appeared just in the nick of time!

RE: TRF's Maintenance - K'Tesh - 06-17-2015

The posting I put up disappeared...  (and the link now goes to some parachute packing thread)...  I've reposted for rstaff3, rharshberger, TopRamen, and Joe Shockcord.

BTW...  I just checked... from what I can tell Joe_Shockcord, rstaff3, TR, and rharshberger haven't been Double Secret Banned...

bradycros is another subject.