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RE: TRF's Maintenance - DBMcCann - 06-18-2015

I reg'd a new name. no email yet so i can confirm it


RE: TRF's Maintenance - CrankyKong - 06-18-2015

The problem with registering a new name is that you lose access to your previous uploaded images, private messages, post history, and you can't edit previous posts, etc.

On the plus side, you ~can~ get in and may be able to get some help resolving the password recognition failure for your previous account.

RE: TRF's Maintenance - Joe Shockcord - 06-18-2015

Today I was able to access my account from work on my Mac. I reset my password and when I came home I was finally able to log into my account on my PC. Weird.

RE: TRF's Maintenance - TopRamen - 06-18-2015

I can get in and post again, but can't upload any pics or change my Avatar.

RE: TRF's Maintenance - dgreger - 06-19-2015

I can log in no problem, and can navigate through the topics, but when I cllick on a specific thread i get:

vBulletin Message

A required field called ip is missing or has an invalid value.

RE: TRF's Maintenance - Greg Young - 06-19-2015

It sounds like they have some database clean up work left to do!
I am in, and can post just fine. My avatar is missing, but I can always upload that again...