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Radio to iPhone APRS cable - MarkH - 12-10-2018

I finally got around to soldering the parts for a cable to connect my Baofeng radio to iPhone per this John Boiles hack from several years ago.

I'm pretty sure I got the soldering of the 0603 sized components down fine, but hit a snag with his schematic for connecting the cables, particularly the TRRS cable connections.  The photos in his write-up don't help much either. As I went about troubleshooting and trial and error changing the wire connections I found this hack is pretty much obsolete.  I bought the circuit board and parts a couple years ago, but I see a pre-made cable is now available.  Nice.  Haven't seen mention of this cable:

RE: Radio to iPhone APRS cable - MarkH - 12-13-2018

Bought one of the BTech cables. Works great.