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Rocket Storage
Not sure if this is the place to be.
But I know there have been discussions elsewhere on the subject.
Tonight, while trying to figure out how to store some of my rockets, I put up a shelf of scrap particle board from an old keyboard drawer.
The engine hooks hanging down caught my eye and I realized that they could be used as a stand up stabilizer.
I found the right size bit and started placing rockets and marking the area of the engine hook and drilled a hole.
Wah-Lah. The rocket stood up straight and didn't tip over.
My problem is I live in an apartment, so space is very limited.
Wish there was a section on storage for everyone's idea's.
It's a big thing so the fins don't warp and such.
Sharing idea's can be a big help sometimes in this area.
Maybe the Mods will look at this as a topic, since no other site has before.
It would put everyone's idea's of solving their own storage problems in one place.
Instead of searching untold amount of threads.
I'll post a pick when it's done, if I can figure out to post pics here.
I can't seam to even get my avatar to take here.
So goes the learning curve.
Some of us store our larger rockets in our trailers, on racks we have made specifically for them.
When you are pressed for space the utility trailers come in very handy for storage, in addition to transporting your rockets etc. to launches..
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065

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