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ESL-209 was the occasion of my very first High Power CATO. A CTI 38mm 4grain I287. Boom burned right threw the aft closure, the grains and casing finished the flight by flying threw the rest of the airframe!

Even though I didn't purchase that hardware or the reload from AMW, Robert DeHate was right on the spot with a warranty, I can't say enough about AMW Customer Service!!

I really didn't like how that rocket was built anyway hahahahha

Bill Clune L3 | NAR#88583
Been a launch Director
Founded a Club
MARS Club|SRC|MDRA - Forever
Bill I whole heartedly agree with you about AMW.
Robert and Gloria are Top Notch! Truly People persons. Willing to do whatever it takes to make things right with the customers.
Having not dealt with other rocketry vendors (and by that I mean large vendors such as Wildman, not singling them out either) but comparing AMW to small companies in general, They are the epitame of customer service and what it takes to get and keep customers!
Now, about that CATO.........Spectacular! Sorry about the rocket!
Dave Greger L3
NAR# 95846
MDRA #65

Hollie L1
NAR# 99687

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