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RC Rocket glider kits
Updating with latest kits available:

Kits available are the Hypersonic III and StratoDart. Pieces are hand fit and checked, many steps are pre-done, spars slotted/and/or installed, elevons hinged, horns installed, rocket mount completed, pieces taped for easy alignment after removal from the box. Kits are limited supply, approx 10 each.

They utilize a design which gives them lower wing loadings, slower glide, and easier construction while still maintaining the look of a real aircraft.

The site above has links that show the step by step photos of how they go together as well as having the instructions and videos of them flying. 

Altitudes vary from 500-600 feet on a 24mm E-6 rocket motor, flight times typically around a minute or more

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Interceptor III and Wolverine kits are now sold out, still have stock of the Hypersonic III and Stratodart kits as well as reloads and 24mm rc casings.

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