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Aerotech 98/2560 Mojave Green Motor Build
Similar to my J500T motor thread,  I purchased a single green 98 mm propellant  grain and EMK, to make a 98/2560 K motor.  Aerotech offers everything but the green and sparky loads for this case, so why not make a green.  

I came across this LUNAR newsletter that has flight summaries for all the loads for the single grain (coffee can) 98 mm case except for the L339 Warp 9 endburner, which was yet to be developed at that time.

The author also flew a green demo motor for the single grain case. Aerotech was still tweaking the green propellant at the time (2006).  Apparently the green load never came to fruition for this case.  Actually, green reloads are under represented in the 98 mm line as the green is only available in the 3 grain 98/7680 case. 

After talking to Karl at Aerotech, he gave me the specs for the nozzle for a green single grain 98 mm motor, which are the same as for the K650T blue load for same case.

I will update this thread when I build and fly the green 98/2560 motor.
The motor parts arrived today from RCS.  The green reload and 98/2560 parts are in the center.  The blue load and 75/1280 parts are on the right.  On the left is a 10 inch long stick of solid 38 mm black jack propellant. 38 mm blackjack propellant is what is used as tracking smoke on these motors. The 38 mm Black Jack stick will be cut to the appropriate length for each motor.

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Drilled the nozzle with a 19/32 bit.

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Here are the parts. I did have to cut my own delay from a length of 38mm Black Jack propellant, otherwise everything is standard assembly for a 98mm Aerotech reload. I was going to launch this at the recent URRG launch, but the winds were pretty gusty for a 9000 ft flight so I held off.

When I opened the propellant bag,  I found  the grain face was pretty rough on one end. I asked Aerotech about it and they said it would be ok to fly, but was otherwise unsat. and are sending another one.

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The Punisher went up on the green motor a couple weeks ago.  The data show it to be more like a K500.  5 second burn in a 15.8 lb rocket at about 7 Gs max acceleration. I didn't have my camera ready, so no liftoff pic. of the green motor.  But I do have an extra  green reload as mentioned above, so ... until next time.

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