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Edmonds Aerospace Glider
After another rocketeer demonstrated a simple glider at a club launch, I was somewhat fascinate by the idea of building one out of balsa that was never then painted or "finished".

Later, I realized he had scaled up a smaller one,  but first I had to shop at Edmonds Aerospace to see 1) What was available, and 2) what matched the various smaller motors that I had to burn off.

I settled on ordering three.... a Deltie, a Cici and a Dede.  The total was about $20 and I learned a lot.
I found I didn't like pod-assisted launches anywhere near as much as the simple Cici which allowed the motor to be inserted and ejected out when burned.  By increasing the motor from A to B to C... I could get incredibly long glides in long lazy circles that drifted down range in the slight breeze.

I'd have to say the best time to launch would be on those still days with no breeze because of this... but still, as long as I had eyes on the glider when it touched down, I didn't mind walking an 1/8 to a 1/4 mile to retrieve it from a farmer's field.

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