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Score! - What deals and steals have you made?
Here is one of those I don't know if I should confess this or not, but I am a good little capitalist, so here goes...

I buy mixed hardware and recovery lots when I can and part out the majority at a move it now price, to make everyone who buys happy and minimize my work (I've even given some things away to the Jr L1 set..."enabling"), to get free hardware and recovery items once I hit the break even point. In the last year and a half that has gotten me the following free after the work, and sometimes it is a good bit of work. This is the net list, some deals go backwards, but the one's that work out tend to make up.

75 yds of 7/16 tubular Kevlar
(2) 38 mm AT Open Forward closures
(2) 38 mm AT aft closure
(1) 38-600 RT case
(1) 54 mm AT open forward closure, extended
(1) 54 mm AT aft closure
(1) 54-2540 Dr. Rockets case (unfired I think)
(10) parachutes (9-36")

Never do get an seal disks, I guess everyone does what I do and throws them away by accident now and then.

Just realized I was in low power section.

Best deal ever was a sealed Starfighter Combo for under $50 (one went for $175 on ebay last month). I did not sell mine, they will be built.

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