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Hellraiser.... The Abbreviated Build Thread.
I've been doing a detailed build thread on my Facebook page, but figured it'd be appropriate to give an abbreviated thread here.

based upon the 1987 movie directed by Clive Barker.

7.5" LOC tubing, kevlar anti-zipper bands, 1 ply 7781 FG wrap.
Ogive FWFG nosecone by Rocketry Warehouse
98mm MMT
Bulkheads, Interlocking Centering Rings, and Fins 1/2" ply cut by Nat, Upscale CNC.
Harnesses by One Bad Hawk.
Telemetrum 2.0
Raven 3
Blastcaps x3 pair
Through-bulkhead terminals by Doghouse Rocketry.
Y-Harnesses by One Bad Hawk
Apogee event: 24" x 25' Streamer
Main Event: 48"Fruity Chutes Iris Ultra pilot, 96" Fruity Chutes Iris Ultra in freebag.
Nosecone recovers separate
75/98mm Aeropack adapter
Aeropack retainer
127" tall
23kg (ish) pad weight
CTI M-1770SK

Projected altitude: 6,500ish
Velocity: 750-800FPSish

[Image: 11263080_10204400256432395_8732896918188...e=56A198CD]

7.5" Hellraiser Nosecone vs. 5.54" Mondo Kraken Nosecone.  L2 bird and Elmore Leonard novels look on.   

[Image: 13101_10204598519268842_2103461829003122...e=56A476CA]

My pet mouse, Wayne, inspects the coupler assembly before epoxy is mixed, and approves.

[Image: 10523866_10204598525268992_2836575068224...e=56722DFE]

Making my super high-performance fin marking guide: wrap paper around the airframe, fold in half, then half again.  Works on Estes, works on LOC. 

[Image: 11406905_10204598530149114_4981399142067...e=566FCF91]

Slot Cuttin'.  I thought it was kind of neat that you could see the whizzy wheel flexing, here.

[Image: 11196230_10204598530749129_1009631179003...e=5671B823]

Slots cutted.  They go all the way to the end to permit the interlocking fins to be assembled outside of the airframe.

More later...


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