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High Power Staging Q&A/resource thread
This is a great idea for a thread, and I wish I'd had it as I've built my own two stager. One tip that Jim Jarvis put in my thread on TRF was to establish safe lighting conditions for your sustainer based on reaching an expected altitude by a time rather than a delay after burnout. The reason for doing this is that there are many flight conditions where you would NOT want the sustainer to light, such as a non-vertical boost, but which might still satisfy conventional standards such as time after burnout or velocity. I'm using a Raven which makes this easy: I take the accurate finished weight of my rocket and ensure my simulation reflects how it will launch, I look at what altitude the sustainer will reach at how many seconds after launch when ideal ignition would occur, and I use those numbers as the conditions to ignite. Multiple simulations with varying degrees of wind or off-center launch are run so that I establish a safe window of operations from which I can pick those limits, so if the stack turns into the wind a little too hard my sustainer will separate, coast to apogee, and recover normally instead of firing off in an undesirable attitude.

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