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29mm Flying Case
(01-17-2016, 07:32 PM)Aksrockets Wrote: The biggest problem with welding the fins directly to the casing is that you lose the temper of the aluminum in the heat effected zone. If you're using 6061-T6, the weld and the area around the weld become 6061-T0. That'll drop the ultimate tensile strength of the aluminum from 45,000 psi to 18,000 psi. I've actually seen this cato some pretty large motors. If you know the motor pressure you can work around this strength loss with a really wide margin (I've considered it, but it's not worth the mass increase. I'd just JB weld some fins right to the case.


Thanks for the insight Alex. This definitely brings up a concern that I hadn't considered. I'll see if I can get the data from Jeroen. That would answer the whether or not it would work. If the answer is unsatisfactory to me, I'll probably use JB weld or other epoxies I have in my basement. But I was really trying to avoid that attachment method because of the extreme speeds it sims to.

(01-18-2016, 11:30 AM)Bat-mite Wrote: Not my cup of tea, but good luck!

Thanks. If I get this built I'll be flying it at red glare in April. Just try and keep your eye on it.

NAR# 98194
Level 1: CTI I-216, 3,043'
Level 2: CTI K-740, 5,999'

Personal altitude record: 12,400' CTI L395
2014 total impulse: 9,018.2 Ns (76% M)
2015 total impulse: 7,171.7 Ns (40% M)
2016 total impulse: 18,664.2 Ns (91% N)
2017 total impulse: 8,281.1 Ns (80% M)

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