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Possible Cobra B6-6 motor problems...
I got about four 3-packs of B6-6 motors from either the 1990s or 2000s...they had dust on the packages. The local Hobby Shop sold them and 15 other packs of various bubble pack motor packages for $50 total when they got out of the business. I jumped at the deal. I cracked open the first pack last month and suffered a melt down with this as the upper stage of a two-stage B6-0 pairing. Since the second stage burned, I'm now thinking perhaps the upper B6-6 have "gone bad" somehow. How likely is it that these "Cobra" B6-6 might be "bad" and what can i do about it?   To my knowledge, these and all t he motors I bought, had been kept in a temperature controlled showroom hobby shop for years and years.  Other than dust and perhaps some sun fading on the package, there's no obvious signs of damage.



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Possible Cobra B6-6 motor problems... - by Kirk G - 05-06-2016, 11:15 PM

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