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Astron Skydart II help needed
(07-13-2017, 03:41 PM)Kirk G Wrote: I found a parts list burried deep in one of the parts envelops that answered all my questions.

However, I'm not certain how to seal or finish the balsa wing that I am about to assemble.
Anyone have any tips or suggestions?  I usually seal with a water and wood glue slurry, sanding, and after several coats, primer and then paint...
but I understand there are concerns about weight and too much paint.  So I'm debating whether to seal the balsa before using a primer & paint combo spray white from Lowes.

Comments, please?
If you can find some, I would use two coats of Aerogloss or Brodak dope-based sanding sealer.  Brodak is still available and some hobby shops may still have Aerogloss on the shelf.  After that, I would spray a couple of light coats of white.  Skip primer on this bird, it will add a bit too much weight.  Gliders glide better with less weight.  Competition gliders have been colored with clear dope or sanding sealer over marker colored balsa.

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