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Hello from Houston
(08-18-2017, 04:24 PM)johngun Wrote: Thanks Luke for all the information. I live in La Marque at the moment which is really close to NASA. Within the next two years we will be moving to the League City area which is even closer to NASA. 

I may join one of the clubs you mentioned later on down the road but I have little free time at the moment. It's that being married thing and it tends to put a dent in just about all my hobbies. 

As for my area of interest in rockets, that's a good question. Maybe you can tell me where I fall. I would like to build some of the cooler looking rockets and get a small collection started. I don't really have a need to launch anything super high so I'm thinking of just sticking to the low power engines for now. I am starting to keep a log of my launches and later I plan to hook up a small camera to my rockets so I can get some cool launch footage. I am currently reading the book Handbook of Model Rocketry, 7th Edition (NAR Official Handbook) and I'm learning a lot. 

Thanks also for the heads-up on all the different forums. I have seen so many and could not decide which ones to join. Your advice will come in very handy. In fact, ALL the advice you just gave me will come in handy. This is the reason I even joined a forum. I't nice to get to know new people and tap into all that knowledge. 

Thanks again for everything 


Cool! Sounds like you're starting out the right way... IMHO Stine's "HBOMR" is a *must read* for anybody seriously wanting to learn more about rocketry... Sounds like you're mainly into sport rockets and maybe some payloaders... Stine's book gives a good overview of all the different types of rocketry, from sport fliers and competition to gliders, payloaders, and scale rockets... TONS of good info in there...

Yeah, I hear ya on the "being married" and "real life" interfering with things...

I never really expected to catch the "scale bug" when I got back into rocketry a decade or so ago, but I did... now it's my main interest...

I mention the clubs because I flew alone out here on our farm when I was growing up, and still do now to some extent, but it's a lot more fun flying with others and seeing what they're doing and have them seeing what you're doing as well.  You might want to check out the websites for the Old Rocketeers 724 (google it) and probably the NHRC club over at NASA... I think if you contact them they'll send you a "badge" to get in and put your name on the list at the guard shack so you can get in to see club launches... at least they used to.  You can check out rocket park there for free when you're done, just park in the lot to the left of the guard shack and you can walk in and see the Saturn V and other rockets and rocket engines in rocket park... (at least you used to be able to... last few times I've been there I've been taking relatives or company staying with us there through Space Center Houston on the tram tour). 

Later!  OL J R Smile

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