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NIKE NIKE SMOKE build thread
After having a successful scratch built 2 stage rocket I wanted to venture into a scale 2 stage rocket. After some research I have decided to build a scratch Nike Nike Smoke. I have the "kit"(parts) ordered today. 

There is hardly any information online about a nike nike smoke. But there is a bit of info right here on the forum. This 2 stage is different then a regular nike smoke. It has just 3 fins rather than 4 fins. The nose cone is just a conical and not the traditional nike smoke nose cone. I felt like this would be a rare build. 

I got the rocket with a 75mm booster with a 54mm sustainer. The rocket will be 1/4 scale so 4 inch diameter. It will be dual deploy in both rockets. The booster will either have cable cutter or Jolly Logic Chute release. Then the sustainer will have the same possible configuration. With it being 4 inch there is more room to play with electronics. I will use a Missile Works RRC3 in sustainer for primary deployment and Perfect Flight StrataloggerCF for redundant deployment. The RRC3 will light the sustainer motor. I will have a Missileworks RTX GPS as well.

In the Booster I will have a Missileworks RRC3 for primary deployment and the Perfect Flight StrataloggerCF for redundant deployment. The RRC3 has a Aux channel for a separation charge to separate stages if need be. I am leaving that option in place. I will possible look into the new Missileworks T3 GPS tracker. What wets my whistle is the T3 is tiny compared to the RTX.

I plan the paint scheme to be the same as the diagram. 1 fin will be white, the nose cone will be red, the rest will be olive green. Should look very unique. The airframe will be "green" filament wound fiberglass. The nose cone will be "green" conical filament wound as well. I passed on the molded gel coated fins for this build. I chose 3/16 G10 for durability. I will be having this rocket go Mach. 

This will be a winter project. I suspect the rocket wont weigh a ton, so I will be able to get the rocket pretty high on "smaller motors." That term is relative lol. I an anticipate the longest 75mm motor I will fly will be the Aerotech 75/5120 case and the sustainer will probably be the Aerotech 54/2800 case. 

The rocket was built using RASAero software. I trust that software alot and it is reliable. With any rocket that will go Mach RASAero is better in my opinion.  

Andrew Lathrop
Tripoli #13005
Level #3
Tulsa Rocketry
Leonard, OK Pawhuska, OK Argonia, KS

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