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Howdy from Holiday,Fla.!!
Just found this forum this so morning so.......
I became a B.A.R. 9 years ago, and haven't looked back!! I Launched my first rocket, an Estes K#11 Wac Corporal in 1968...yep! Im OLD Big Grin !!
Its almost sickening how many rockets ive built in the last 9 years, and I enjoy every second of it! I fly mainly low power with some mid power thrown in....
the biggest motor ive used is a G80 in an Estes Leviathon..BEAUTIFUL flying model!! I do fly a lot of D powered stuff including some 188mm to 24mm currently building a Rocketarium Little John for my Great Grandson as his 2nd rocket...he is only7, and not quite ready for the building part yet, but he loves to see them FLY!! Gonna try to post a few pics here! Have a GREAT DAY Smile Smile !

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