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What's your Unicorn rocket?
What rocket have you always wanted, but for whatever reason, have not built yet?

Mine is the Mars Lander. As a kid, I constantly drooled over it, but I made $2.00 a week cutting grass, and it was hard to save up the $10 for the mars lander when there were so many other rockets out there for less than $5.00.

Fast forward a few years, to when I became a Born Again Rocketeer, and Estes no longer made the Mars Lander. Fortunately, Estes still made some cool rockets, and I discovered JimZ's for plans to clone some of the classics.

Semroc introduced their clone of the Mars Lander, but it was considerably more than the $10.00 Estes charged. Unfortunately, my confidence in my building skills was such that I didn't feel ready to buy one.

I fell out of rocketry again for a while. When I became a Re-Born Again Rocketeer, I started out by cloning some of my old favorites, such as Der Red Max, Gyroc, and Big Bertha, along with building a few Fat Boys, and a Silver Comet. I even had a couple of the ARF Mini Marz Landers, but I still didn't feel confident enough in my abilities to do justice to a Mars Lander build.

Once again life got in the way, and I took a break from rocketry. This time when I rejoined the fold, Semroc had an extensive line of clones, Estes had the Classic Series, and I learned of the Estes online sales. This kept me busy until Semroc announced their closing.  One final order to Semroc resulted in everything I ordered being out of stock, except for The Point.

I've reached the point where I don't think I'll ever feel I can really do justice to a Mars Lander, but I've also decided that it's better to make the attempt, rather than to keep missing the opportunity. Hopefully erockets will have the Mars Lander available soon, and when they do, I'll be one of the first to place my order.

So what rocket have you always wanted, and why haven't you built one yet?
(06-08-2015, 01:26 PM)ShieldWolf Wrote: So what rocket have you always wanted, and why haven't you built one yet?

USS Andromeda, I built one as a kid. At the time I wasn't too concerned with the quality of the finish. But as a BAR, I'm much more interested in getting the finish as good as I can. Once I think I have the techniques and skill, I'll collect the parts and give it a shot. I'd also like to get my hands on a Maxi Brute Honest John.
It's best if you sit down first.

My "unicorn rocket"?  The.......

Saturn V

Yep, WvonBraun has not built his own creation yet but that will change soon.

Recently purchased an ant scale version that the good Doktor plans to build within a couple of months.

Ok, you can get up now and go back to your chores.
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Andromeda for me as well. I bought the parts from Semroc before they closed, but haven't tried to build it yet.

Mine is the Centuri Satellite Killer.

It was always out of my price range (and skill level) as a kid. As a BAR I have thought about it from time to time. I got super excited when I saw Semroc made one. Sadly, they were out of stock and soon out of business when I saw one at a local club launch.

Jerome Smile
I always wanted an NCR Interceptor G. I bid on a couple in the early days of my BARdom, but someone always wanted them more than I did. I'd even consider cloning one if the plans and scans were made available.
Mine has got to be the Centuri 1/45th Little Joe II. It's still my "holy grail".
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(06-09-2015, 01:18 PM)Evil Ed Wrote: Mine has got to be the Centuri 1/45th Little Joe II. It's still my "holy grail".

I have to agree!
The 1/45 Centuri Little Joe and the Centuri 1/100 Saturn 1B
Hans "Chris" Michielssen
Old/New NAR # 19086 SR

Estes Mars Snooper for me!
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065
(06-10-2015, 11:38 AM)Greg Young Wrote: Estes Mars Snooper for me!

There's a Hawk's Hobby Snooper for sale on Ebay right now.  I was very tempted.  I was really looking forward to buying my first HH kit back when the hurricane started a chain of bad luck for them.  I'd talked to them at NSL in 2007 and really liked the direction they were going in.  Bunny had flown one of their Sprite upscales next to one of my big Goonys that weekend, and if I hadn't already blown everything I brought I'd have been going home with one.  IIRC, they flew a big Bomarc that was a design they were about to put into production and it core sampled.  Nice people.  Sorry to see them have such heartbreak.

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