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Painkiller 3 Maiden flight
I flew my Painkiller 3 for the first time at our local club launch in Saint Alban’s Vermont on April 19th. I used a CTI J335 Redline motor. It was a picture perfect flight with straight boost, a 24” drogue chute at apogee and a 54” Spherachute at 500 feet. Rocksim estimated 3300’. The Stratologger reported 3222’. Pretty close! The rocket also landed about 200 feet from the pad. Nice kit! I'm going to bring it to LDRS 34 next week.

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L3 Certified
NAR #90891, TRA #14994

Well done! Got to get me one of those one day...
John S.
NAR #96911
TRA #15253
Level 1, 2014-Mar-15 -- Aerotech Sumo, H133BS
Level 2, 2014-Jun-21 -- Giant Leap Vertical Assault, J240RL
Level 3, 2016-03-12 -- MAC Performance Radial Flyer, M1101WH, 13,028 feet
Davie, can that take a K?
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065
You can cleanly get a 54/1706 in there. Smile I've got to finish mine. Got it shortly after URRF, half built right now, just needs fins and fillets really.
You still have a couple of days to finish it off before LDRS. Smile
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065
I was hoping to have mine finished for LDRS but I will be lucky to get my 3" Darkstar finished.  When I built my PK3 I wanted the option to use bigger hardware, so I purchased a longer AV coupler and moved the AV bay forward internally by 3".  Hopefully I will be able to fit Loki 54/2800 hardware and fly on a L1040  Big Grin

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