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Rocket Hauler
I am a little envious of your hauler. After cost the big hindrance to me flying bigger rockets is the logistics involved. After we downsized from the old size Explorer, I have a hard time getting in my bigger ones. Still, I could never justify the cost of a trailer, so I'll settle for admiring yours from a distance.
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Thanks Dick, I have to say if it wasnt for my Parents I wouldnt have it though. I had been talking about it for a few months and one day my dad said"Well, if you find one for a good price let me know, your mother and I want to help you get it, since you never ask for anything from us and are always around to help out when we need it"
Needless to say I was floored! And whether they accept it or not, I am paying them back for the total cost.
Everything but the trailer I have bought. Generator, paint, light, missile-aneous poeces parts, etc. lol
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I am quite impressed and a mite bit jealous. I have to design my builds based upon the trunk of my Subaru.

I so need a truck.



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