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Exploring Dynamic Gas Stabilization
After reading Peak of Filght #379, I got to thinking about this idea.  I decided to build a rocket that incorporated the concept and see if it would contribute to the stability of small finned rockets (HoJo anyone?).  I plan to build in an adjustable nose weight so that I can work from a proven stable configuration and gradually reduce the stability margin to test the viability of this method.  

I tried to upload the .ork file but it is not allowed, any ideas?
Shade Tree Rocket Surgeon
I can upload a .ork file through a .zip file.

.zip   Zip (Size: 558.42 KB / Downloads: 0)

When you go to upload it, just right click and insert a new zip file.  Drag the .ork file into the zip file and that's it!
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Thanks man! I'll give it a try tomorrow.
Shade Tree Rocket Surgeon

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