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Sources for cloning decals... ?
Hi folks,

With Excelsior either down or at reduced capacity due to printer problems with the ALPS for waterslides, and Stickershock vinyl focused on his wife's cancer treatment, where are folks getting their decals?

I'm a LPR guy, maybe peeking into the lower reaches of MPR, so I usually use waterslides. I've admired Gordy's artistry at Excelsior for cloning / up/downscales, as well as his ability to craft beautiful decals for my new designs. And his prices could never be beat.

With these two main vendors having issues, what are people doing?

At last report (on YORF) Excelsior was still going, on one printer. I'm wishing him well!

I make what I can myself and use Gordy for the more complicated stuff. I guess I run about 50/50.
My Father's Day present was a new vinyl cutter. I have a big project that needs to be finished by the end of next month that I normally would have had Stickershock do. It should only take three or four years to pay for itself! If Excelsior really is unavailable going forward, I may have to buy a color printer to also make my own decals.
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I thought there was a waterside decal company pitching to the MR crowd a couple years back.
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There is TANGO PAPA decals as well.
I just noticed on YORF that Gordy / Excelsior says he's closing the decal shop for good, selling off already printed stock, etc... :-(
That's very sad but I imagine Gordy wrung all the work out of his ALPS machines that he could. Seems like we've entered an era where white detail on custom decals is only going to be possible in vinyl, via old-school silkscreen inks, or by inverse printing on white background decal paper (which is usually not very pleasing).

I just had a thought that it might be possible to run white decal paper through the vinyl cutter for designs that don't get too finely detailed. You'd probably need to stick transfer tape on the back of the decal paper to hold things together during cutting. You could apply the cut white layer over or under other printed-on-clear decals to build up the desired image.
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I've been printing decals on adhesive-backed Mactac through a color laser printer. It's okay for wraps but ugly for anything smaller.
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