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Here's an idea to help the forum...
I've posted a number of rocketry related posts...  they may not have been in the "right place" but they are rocketry related.

I've apparently convinced the powers that be to add a Rocketry Related News forum.  The Golden Oldies may have been inspired by my thread in the "talking smack forum" that got closed out when I posted a quote by one of the Fathers of the hobby, G Harry Stine.  It seems like some of the things that I do appear to have value to the forum's leadership.

I've got stuff to offer, I'm sure you've got stuff to offer.  If you don't like my stuff... DON'T READ IT!!!  If you don't like my style...  Put me on you IGNORE list (it's really easy).

I couldn't care less about a 2nd Gen R2D2 rocket, but you don't see me posting in it, and saying "I don't like this" or "This belongs at TRF" in the OP's thread.  If I don't want to learn about your project, I DON'T READ IT!  And CERTAINLY I don't go and downgrade the DEATH of a fellow rocketeer notice's rating..

This forum was lkely inspired by someone who was sick of the BS going on with certain members of the TRF crew, and the advertisements that were promised not to exist.  It likely wasn't created just for complaints.  If you look at the forum, it appears  to be  strongly modeled on TRF.  Sure, it doesn't have a watering hole.  I can live with that.  What I do have a problem with is other's posted criticisms about my thread ideas in my threads. Did you ever think that it might not be appreciated by me.  Maybe a PM would have been a better idea than to muck up my thread.  

Think about it like this... My threads over on TRF have generated THOUSANDS of views, and quite a few responses, there are those who do seem to value what I've got to say, and the vast majority of the feedback I get is positive.  This makes me feel that I'm doing something right.

So, let's try this...  If you don't have anything positive to add... Don't!  If you see me doing something boneheaded and dangerous certainly let me know.  If it's something that you don't care about, don't waste your time and mine by posting in it.  If enough people agree with you, the thread will disappear into the depths of the forum, never to rise again.

Remember, this is their playground, and we've been allowed to play here.  So, please remember your manners

Oh...  And the Database I'm accused of compiling...  I've got nothing nefarious planned with the information.  I want to know what kinds of rockets other's are interested in, perhaps they saw something from the 1960s, 70s, or during the times I wasn't active in rocketry (or I might have just forgotten about), and I might just be interested in.  My Newton Tally Thread, it's silly, it's meant to be fun.  You don't want to particpate?  Fine... that's easy... Don't.
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"The Guide says there is an art to flying", said Ford, "or rather a knack." 
"The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

Launching is Optional... Landing? That Depends on Trees.

Any new enterprise is going to go through a shakedown period — maybe quite a long one — during which official policies and ad hoc customs contend, flourish or die, and evolve to a more stable level. That's what you're going to see here for a while.

"If you don't like it, don't read it" is — IMHO — bad policy, or at least not always good policy. This site is founded on the principle that "if you don't like off topic posts, don't read them" doesn't work satisfactorily. I suggest that it doesn't always work satisfactorily, either, for on topic threads. There are people here, and I'm one of them, who are dissatisfied with some of the kinds of activity found on TRF — not all of which is unrelated to rocketry. I for one would be disappointed to find a "what you did rocketry related today" thread here, or other perpetual catchall threads of the same sort. I wouldn't read them, but I would still have to deal with them clogging the new posts listings, just like I'd have to deal with off-topic threads if they were permitted here.

What I like about YORF is that, by custom, such threads are not done there. Unfortunately YORF is saddled with a "free for all" section, and its focus primarily on classic LPR is narrower than what I'd like. What I hope for from this forum is something without TRF's (on- as well as off-topic) clutter, but serving the full scope of classic and modern LPR/MPR/HPR.
Rich Holmes
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So, the point of this thread is what? To tell us you're awesome and anyone who doesn't like your threads is wrong and a jerk?

Suck it up. Not everyone is going to praise you. Insults are out of line in most cases, but you can't expect a fountain of love. I find negative replies to be much more helpful than a dozen "ZOMG thats so cool you're awesome!!!!" replies....which have yet to give me a single good idea or improvement.
Here's another idea.  Quit with the persecution complex.  No one said your contributions are not worthwhile, so stop acting like this is all a personal vendetta aimed in your direction.  People seem to be coming here out of dissatisfaction with what TRF has turned into and what the off-topic crap is turning YORF into.  Stuff that mirrors what is already available over at either of those places is likely to be met with negativity.  This forum may eventually go that way as well, but from the sounds of it, it will go kicking and screaming.

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