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STUDY SUMMARY: Solid Propellant Nova Vehicle for Direct Ascent Man on Moon Project
Here's an interesting study from the early 60's on the solid propellant JPL NOVA rocket proposal, compared and contrasted with the Saturn C-8 Nova liquid propellant rocket, and some other proposals like the one I previously summarized on the Grand Central Rocket Company proposals. Some interesting insights in the thought processes of the time, particularly with regards to future plans...

Here's the summary and pics... Enjoy! OL JR [Image: smile.gif]

.txt   Study Summary- All Solid Propellant NOVA Vehicle For Direct Ascent Moon Project.txt (Size: 29.66 KB / Downloads: 2)





The pics start off above with a graphic representation of the solid Nova system...

Second is a comparison of the JPL solid Nova on the left, the Grand Central Rocket Co. solid Nova proposal in the middle, and the liquid C-8 Saturn Nova on the right...

Third, propellant processing facilities proposal...

Fourth, launch and support complex, which called for two offshore launch platforms constructed like bridges about 6-12 miles offshore, and separated by an equivalent distance, with a new support facility on the Cape to provide berthing for the support ships, workshops, the LCC, and storage facilities for rocket motors and other components shipped in from factories elsewhere awaiting integration into the launch vehicle on the pad...

The last two pictures are attached to this post...

Fifth, the pad assembly, which looks mis-identified, as the proposal mentions the necessity for a gigantic crane capable of lifting the huge solid rocket motors (Type "A" motors) that would be strapped together to make the first and second stages, and lift the lighter Type B motors making up the upper stages, but much higher above the lower stages... they proposed building this crane as part of converted WWII aircraft carrier of the "Midway" class, so it could also serve as powerhouse, workshops, and provide quarters to technicians and office space as needed during the vehicle assembly and checkout.

Sixth, Cost summary of the vehicle and development program.

Later! OL JR

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