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Rocketry Acronyms
The last time I was into rocketry was almost 30 years ago. I've been back as a BAR for a few months now and, ofcourse, in this internet age I have to look around online for all things rocketry.
One thing that I found a little difficult reading Forums and Blogs was figuring out what all the acronyms stood for!

I wondered if this might be difficult for other noobs/newbies (and oldbie returnee's) so I kept a list of the acronyms that I encountered along the way.
These I list below as a reference for anyone that may need them.
Only those frequently encountered on forums are listed.

I hope someone finds these useful.
If it helps only one person, it was worth it.

3FNC          Three Fins and a Nose Cone
4FNC          Four Fins and a Nose Cone
AGL           Above Ground Level

AMW           Animal Motor Works (Vendor)
AP            AeroPack (Vendor)
APCP          Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant
ARF           Almost Ready to Fly
ASL           Above Sea Level
ASP           Aerospace Specialty Products (Vendor)
AT            AeroTech (Vendor)

BALLS         Big Ass Load Lifting Suckers (EVENT)
BAR           Born Again Rocketeer
BATFE         Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (USA)
BG            Boost Glider
BMS           Balsa Machining Service (Vendor)
BNC           Balsa Nose Cone
BP            Black Powder
BT            Body Tube
CA            CyanoAcrylate (Superglue)
CATO          Catastrophic failure. (Some say Catastrophe At (or After) Take Off) Causes heated debate/arguments and the old ladies do get their knickers in a twist. Best avoid discussing the origins.
CF            Carbon Fibre
CG (Cg)       Centre of Gravity
CMR           Competition Model Rockets (Vendor. Defunct) Plans @ YORP
CR            Centring Ring
CP (Cp)       Centre of Pressure
CTI           Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (Vendor)
CWF           Carpenter's Wood Filler (Elmer's brand)
DD            Dual Deployment
DMS           Disposable Motor System (AeroTech)
DRM           Der Red Max (Estes Kit) Plan @ JimZ
EMRR          Essence's Model Rocket Reviews
EX            EXperimental rocketry
FG            Fibre Glass
FNF (FnF)     Fill 'N Finish (Elmer's brand wood filler)
FSI           Flight Systems Inc. (Vendor)
FWFG          Filament Wound Fibre Glass
GSE           Ground Support Equipment
HPR           High Powered Rocketry
ID            Inside Diameter
ISP (Isp)     Specific Impulse
LCO           Launch Control Officer
LDRS          Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships (annual rocketry event)
LIL           Land in Inaccessible Location
LL            Launch Lug
LMS           Loadable Motor System (AeroTech)
LOC           LOC Precision (Vendor) (Originally Lots Of Crafts)
LPR           Low Powered Rocketry
MD            Minimum Diameter
MDRM          Mega Der Red Max (Estes PSII Kit) 
MH            Micro Hybrid
MMI           Model Missiles Incorporated (Vendor. Acquired by Damon/Estes)  Plans @ YORP
MMT           Motor Mount Tube
MMX           MicroMaxX (micro motors by Quest)
MPC           Model Products Corp. (Vendor. Model rocketry division now defunct)  Plans @ YORP -=- Plans @ JimZ
MPR           Mid or Medium Powered Rocketry
MRC           Model Rectifier Company (Vendor. Model rocketry division now defunct) Plans @ YORP -=- Plans @ JimZ
MRI           Model Rocket Industries (Vendor. Acquired by MPC)  Plans @ YORP
MRN           Model Rocket News (OOP Magazine by Estes) Scans @ YORP -=- Scans @ JimZ -=- Plans @ YORP
MSL           Mean Sea Level
NAR           National Association of Rocketry
NARAM         National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet
NARCON        National Association of Rocketry CONvention
NC            Nose Cone
NCR           North Coast Rocketry (Vendor)
NXRS          Northwest eXtreme Rocket Show
OD            Outside Diameter

OOP           Out Of Production
PML           Public Missiles Limited (Vendor)
PNC           Plastic Nose Cone
PSII          Pro Series II. Kit series by Estes.
Q2G2          Igniters by Quest (Quest Quick something something??? Quick 2 Get Going???? someone must know!)
RET           Rocket Eating Tree
RG            Rocket Glider
RMS           Reloadable Motor System(AeroTech)

RSO           Range Safety Officer
RTF           Ready To Fly
SAI           Space Age Industries (Defunct Vendor)  Plans @ YORP
SPEV          Spare Parts Elimination Vehicle (OOP Kit by Estes) Plan @ JimZ
SRB           Solid Rocket Booster
SRM           Solid Rocket Motor
T2T           Tip to Tip
TAG           Technical Advisory Group (Australian Model Rocket Society)
TAP           Technical Advisory Panel (Tripoli)
TRA           Tripoli Rocketry Association
TRF           The Rocketry Forum
TTB           Through The Body (Fin mounting method)
TTW           Through The Wall (Fin mounting method)
UMRS          Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack (Vendor)
USR           U.S. Rockets (Vendor)
YORF          Ye Olde Rocketry Forum
YORP          Ye Olde Rocketry Plans
YORS          Ye Olde Rocketry Shoppe

Edit: Corrections & contributions from members. Thanks!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are very likely many other acronyms missing from the list.
Fortunately, Rocketry Center forum appears to allow perpetual editing of threads/posts, so I will update and make corrections as I (or you) find them.

If you have a suggestion or contribution, please post in the Rocketry Acronym suggestions thread.
Please note: Club acronyms have been deliberately left out, if you can't find an acronym here, please check the Rocketry Club Directory thread.
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