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Two shades of grey
Looks great Rich.  

Good job with the painted orange bands at first glance I thought those were done with self adhesive Monokote.
Steve Naquin
TRA# 677  L2
NAR# 85518 L2
Nope. Tape and rattle can. You can't see here the defect where the tape end didn't quite line up.

Today's flight on a CTI H120 Redline went beautifully. I took a lot of pictures at today's launch but put the camera aside for my certification flight, so I just have a pad picture and a post-flight photo. 

[Image: img_3929.jpg][Image: img_3930.jpg]
Rich Holmes
Camillus, NY
Secretary / newsletter editor
Syracuse Rocket Club
Nice job Rich, congrats on your cert!
Congrats on the L1 Rich! And nice job sticking the Landing with the NC!
Dave Greger L3
NAR# 95846
MDRA #65

Hollie L1
NAR# 99687

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