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MAC Performance 3" Villain
Time to get some MAC up in here.  Mike launches with us all the time, and I jsut had to have one of these kits.  Hanging out a bit at LDRS just sealed the deal up.  I grabbed a 3" Villain with a 30" booster.   Parts fit AMAZING.  Come clean too..... no pesky sanding for hours to fit.  Scuff and glue.

[Image: 19204003658_402b4e0177_b.jpg]


[Image: 19391570305_79fea86e02_b.jpg]

dry fit-
[Image: 18769032324_e8e73ff337_b.jpg]

[Image: 19203935530_6773b7b5c3_b.jpg]

dude, instructions on an HP kit?  nice

[Image: 19260301298_553ca81657_b.jpg]

I dry fit the MMT, and measured and marked where the mid ring needs to be.   Pulled everything out and pulled the mid ring down.  Applied rocketpoxy around the ring, and pushed the mid ring up into it, making sure no epoxy was left below the ring

[Image: 18825298204_de75691810_b.jpg]

I did the same with the top ring, except no marking as it's position is not critical.   I also filleted under the top ring, and locked the recovery harness pin into place.

[Image: 19261628539_e24938517f_b.jpg]
Hey Dave,

If my build pile was not as embarrassingly unfinished I would grab one of these kits.  I also saw them at LDRS and was impressed with the quality.  Realistically I have enough kits to build for the next year and a half so when I get some of them off the pile I will talk myself into it...maybe a Christmas gift to me from the kids.

Looking forward to seeing your build progress.
I bumped mine ahead of several projects. that said, It's certainly a kit worth planning for. I typically plan kits/builds a year or two in advance. This one's been in planning since about March when I learned of this line of kits.
First up tonight, tool preparation.   I marked my finely tuned epoxy application device (wood dowel) so I wouldn't apply any epoxy past where the MMT will reside.   I aim to apply a ring right past the fin slots and a little beyond.  If you apply it fairly thin, you'll get a nice top ring fillet to the BT, and good adhesion and seal for the mid ring still.    I also taped a bit of sand paper to the top of a one inch wood dowel.  

[Image: 19458613046_667629e664.jpg][Image: 19297103880_734ba4278e.jpg]

I used my handy sanding stick to sand the slots and around in the tube.  Nothing major, I just want it a bit rougher.  Then I ran a towel down it a few times to clean out the major dust. a little acetone isn't a bad idea.   
[Image: 19298513879_d7f4615b02.jpg]

Time for glue.  I glob some on my stick, and make sure it's not dripping off after rolling it around some.   Push the stick in carefully not dropping any, then spread around the inside just above the slots.

[Image: 19458594746_163431e08e.jpg][Image: 19297085310_c5c3170434.jpg]
[Image: 19297075930_88b3262a65_c.jpg]

The motor mount tube is then set on the bench vertically, and the booster pushed down over it.    These photos show the top ring fillet, and that I have had the recovery harness sticking out the rear this whole time to keep it free of epoxy.   After checking the top fillet and the spacing of the mid ring, and rear CR and aeropack, I pushed the harness through the motor mount and out the top end of the booster.  I weighted it with a spare wrench, to prevent it from getting epoxied in a kinked position.

[Image: 18864257493_70bec788f8_c.jpg]
[Image: 19458569936_f6ceb4f757.jpg][Image: 18863993183_649582f2f8.jpg]

Next up, Fin Tacking!
Nice work. I usually spin and push pull my MMT when I apply the bead of epoxy up the tube like you did. The thought being that the push pull will work the epoxy under the CR and possibly a bit out the back, and the spin really evens out the bead on the top CR.

I like the way MAC incorporated a thrust plate into the aft CR. These kits not only appear to have nice tolerances from the build threads I have now seen, but they are also well thought through. I wish LDRS didn't turn into such a mad dash to get some flights in as my plan was to spend more time talking to other fliers and vendors...I would of caved and picked up at least one of these kits fore sure.

I wonder how the tubes perform compared to the other materials and composites.
Not a bad idea on the spin. Just have to be careful to keep the slots clear.

I hear ya on LDRS. I could barely keep up taking photos with the mad dash Friday and everyone trying to get in the air. I barely got two flights off in two days....let alone getting to see vendors. I really wanted to see MARSA and missileworks tables.

When I saw tim pull out early.... I started building an Arc.

As for caving.... psssst.... shipping is free over 150 Smile
(07-07-2015, 05:47 PM)DBMcCann Wrote: When I saw tim pull out early.... I started building an Arc.

Yeah I watched Tim pull out as well, with my 8" DarkStar.  Totally my bad as I saw Tim on Thursday, eyed up the size of the kit, told him I would be back.  Then I figured I should pack it last as I was not sure how much room I had in my car, otherwise I would of begged a friend to drive some pieces back.  Problem is I didn't tell this to Tim so he pulled out likely thinking "and I lugged this 8" kit all this way for nothing".

Like I said my bad, I own it and now have to figure out a way to get it up to Canada.  Possibly the URRG July or August launch.

(07-07-2015, 05:47 PM)DBMcCann Wrote: As for caving.... psssst.... shipping is free over 150 Smile

I am betting that deal does not extend to shipping to Canada, at least I hope it doesn't  Big Grin
Those are really nice kits Mike has worked hard for this.

The only thing that bugs me is the shock cord mount, that really needs to be kevlar!!

Bill Clune L3 | NAR#88583
Been a launch Director
Founded a Club
MARS Club|SRC|MDRA - Forever
(07-07-2015, 08:33 PM)wclune Wrote: The only thing that bugs me is the shock cord mount, that really needs to be kevlar!!

One Bad Hawk Kevlar...had to give Teddy a plug.
In the smaller 38's I tend to agree.... but he does have nomex sleeves. Personally this rocket will never see motor eject, so I have no worries. Heck, I'm not sure anyone has a delay long enough. I had to plug the 54/1706 motors on my darkstar and that pig is 11 pounds.

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