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MAC Performance 3" Villain
Fins were lightly, lightly sanded. I want it rough, but not to mess up the tight fit. I don't intend to put the fins in any jig.
[Image: 19566735401_707cd8892f_b.jpg]

So, light is useful. How? well let's see. I took a small flashlight and laid it on my bench. Holding the booster up to it, the light passes through the slots and onto the motor tube. This gives a good approximation of where the fin will go. I mixed up a batch of Rocketpoxy, and grabbed a bamboo skewer. Rolling about 2" ofthe flat end in the epoxy, a good amount of epoxy is on the stick without being too thick a ball. You want a roll of it, not a glop. you need a STEADY hand to get it down into the tube without hitting the sides. Remember playing operation? If you get any on the sides where the rear CR will go, wipe it off. Anywhere else is mostly safe just annoying. I laid a nice thin tack under the slots, doing one entire fin at a time before moving to the next slot. (after this photo I added a bit more)

[Image: 19374532350_57908d01c5_b.jpg][Image: 18941544873_ccefeba932_z.jpg]

Typical buttering of the fins. The rear of the fin was placed in the slot, pushed to the rear and then the fin snapped into the slot. It was then pushed to the front of the slot. Excess on the exterior was cleaned up, though with fillets coming not really critical. Hard to see in the slot, harder to get a photo. But there is a nice bead of glue under each fin on both sides now.

[Image: 19562408095_9541b203ca_b.jpg][Image: 19374488350_0ed98dc3e7_b.jpg]
[Image: 19374403880_4908a08bb8_z.jpg]

Now that all the fins are in, I bust out my handy fin guide from payload bay. (what? Dave you're totally doing that wrong!!!)
[Image: 19566670931_357effd9f3.jpg]

Once you get the booster placed and centered on the guide, grab your light again. If you wave it past the fins slowly, you will see a point when the shadow is directly under the fin. If all these shadows line up with the lines, you're set kids!

[Image: 19374427378_b15b745803.jpg][Image: 19374422470_59d08b32a9.jpg][Image: 19536215646_10f8e2c3e1.jpg]

On my screech I used a similar method. I did one fin at a time on that. If a fin was slightly off, I braced it in place with a can of epoxy against the offending side of the fin. The video on that rocket shows less spin than any other I've watched, so it seems to work.
Hey look! the kid's working again! My toddles are sleeping so I laid some glue.

I love doing lines....
[Image: 19334526803_b70601089e_c.jpg]

[Image: 19960681301_937795df61_c.jpg]

I tried using a tongue depressor to pull the fillets. FAIL. 1" pipe for the win.

these are kinda messy. first time with rocketpoxy. they'll sand out.

[Image: 19929267196_5b25385acd_c.jpg]
[Image: 19929278106_66b8b6e5d6_c.jpg]

yea these are iPhone shots..... we'll get back to the Canon 7D soon enough....

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