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DD ignorence
I have a Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk and I want to make it dual deploy.
The kit has not been started yet.
What are my needs to make this a DD?
Keep in mind the cheapest is best here as it's my first one so if lost or crash I'm not out so much.
It's got a piece of steel wool with it, think that is suppose to be the baffle. Think I'll put that in the scrap metal box.
I was thinking on cutting down the air frame and adding a coupler. Make the coupler the Av bay.
Drouge under it, main under the nose cone. Use the engine ejections charge as a back up to the drouge.
Hope I'm on the right track here.
I also have a Estes Mega Alpha I was thinking about making dual deploy and glassing the air frame.
I haven't laid any glass since I put a transom on my boat a few years back. Should be fun.
I'll be watching this thread, as I am about to do the same with a LOC Weasel. I already have a RRC2+, and one of their 3D printed sleds on the way. Sounds like you are planning the same set up that I am.

I have never customized a non-DD rocket to make it a DD, but I would think it would be very instructional to buy and build an actual DD kit before you try it. Minimize the variables and learn the easy way.
John S.
NAR #96911
TRA #15253
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Level 3, 2016-03-12 -- MAC Performance Radial Flyer, M1101WH, 13,028 feet
True, it's a $ thing. Remember; Cheap!
I got a rocket.
Until SSDI starts I rely on bottle n can deposits and scrap metal for income.
It ain't much, but I keep plugging along.
The biggest change to make a DD rocket from a regular nose blow recovery is the additional coupler and bulkheads for the AV-Bay. You will need to cut the airframe at a point that you have enough room for the main chute and its shock cord in the upper payload bay, the AvBay attaches via screws or removeable plastic rivets to the upper airframe (unless its a zipperless design, which requires yet another coupler). Make sure the coupler is long enough to contain the electronics, battery, switch(es), etc. Lots of examples of different style AvBays out on the internet. It also requires two shock cords one from AvBay to lower airframe with the drogue (3 loop is my preference), and one from the nose cone to AvBay (2 loop for this one) and I like to attach the parachute and its swivel to the NCs shockcord mount. On smaller airframes forgo the terminal blocks on the AvBay bulkheads and use wellnuts to seal holes for passing the igniter wires through.
Hi there, you didn't say what altimeter you had but that pretty much sets the size of the needed avbay. Some coupler tube and a couple of homemade ply bulkheads and a few bits of hardware is all you need. You'll need to run one or two pieces of all-thread through the avbay to hold everything together since you've got recovery lines attached to both ends.
Dave Cook 
NAR 21953 L2    TRA 1108
Don't have an altimeter...yet.
Don't have anything I need to make it DD...yet.
That's the questions, and inexpensive as possible.
For inexpensive alt. look at eggtimer rocketry.  the drawback is they come as a kit and you have to assemble them and solder them including some surface mount soldering.
Quote:Rich Vanleer
Tripoli Level 2 #12313 
If this is a struggle financially, Don't do it! Recovery is way to important as you can hurt someone! Any electronics you need to solder, unless you have done it before is a BAD idea! your going to spend at least $100 on electrical stuff alone, the altimeter, a switch, battery holder. It is fun but if you cant afford it, its not worth it!

Bill Clune L3 | NAR#88583
Been a launch Director
Founded a Club
MARS Club|SRC|MDRA - Forever
DD Is fun, but not cheap. Cheapest you're looking at is going to be a coupler, 4 bulkheads, some all thread, at least $50 for an altimeter, skip the switch, twist the wires together and tape them to the side of the rocket. (it'll hold over Mach1, you'll be just fine) But then you're looking at needing two more ignitors per flight, a pile of them for ground testing, and a can of black powder.

If you still wanna do it... I'll pull out some of my terrible av bays and take some photos for ideas

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