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DD ignorence
Whoops, just noticed the typo!
So much for multitasking....
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065
I think the easiest thing to do is grab one of landru's 3D sleds, costs a bit more, but easier than making your own sled.

Grab an RRC2+, and wire the ematches directly to it, using a 9v for power. Get with someone locally, and you can likely trade for a bit of BP and ematches, avoiding having to lay out for a pound and fistful.
I didn't even think about brass and aluminum tubing, and I have plenty of it! I really need to retrain my mind to start thinking creative again, lol.

I've got my RRC2+, and, the sled system from Missile Works, that I believe is made by Landru. It's a very nice set up, and, in my opinion, perfect for someone building their first e-bay, like myself.

(07-10-2015, 03:56 PM)JEAdams Wrote: True, it's a $ thing. Remember; Cheap!
I got a rocket.
Until SSDI starts I rely on bottle n can deposits and scrap metal for income.
It ain't much, but I keep plugging along.

Cheap? I did my first DD for only the cost of the missile works +2 timer- adhesives- low current starters .(quest q2g2 ,8" long ones) 9v alk bat. wiring from an old broken radio. I used old 18mm aiframe tubing to create the sled and caps to secure the 2+ inside the tube. The housing of the set-up was in the coupler. I capped the coupler by using cardbaord cutout cured in CA and epoxy to create a bulkhead. Ive had a blast with it. Learned alot. 
Get the timer.Sit yourself down . read up. Draw it out on paper.  Go over it a few times. Try using motor for drogue and timer for main on first flights just to familiarize yourself with it.  Try mid power and a min of 2.5 diam.rocket or larger. Make the drogue a chute just large enough to keep the rocket coming in not too fast in case your setup fails(if using motor for drogue deploy)

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