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How to mount a HPR 29mm Motor?
One thing to note about the Estes 24mm screw on retainer (e.g.: Extreme 12) is all the extra work that is needed to install it. After buying the Extreme, I realized that the simple metal clip would have likely been a better option (without the finger tab).

It's advantages? It'll probably make the booster come down more reliably (right on the back end, thus the plastic will take the force of the hit). The metal clip with the finger tab might bend on impact, rust, or crush the motor tube if installed too tightly. The plastic won't do any of those.

Cons? Those rings could easily get lost. The builder might not use the right adhesive to secure it (something that softens with heating, or cracks loose with a hard landing). Adhesive might get inside the motor tube, requiring additional sanding to remove.

Don't get me wrong, I like the lines of the Extreme 12, it's just the retainer that I question.
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I just use masking tape for motor retention. Some people don't like this method but I have done this for years and hundreds  of launches (29mm) without a failure. 

The photos show both RMS and a single use that does not have a thrust ring. In that case I am using tape as a thrust ring as well.

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