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Personal launch report: Syracuse Rocket Club launch, July 2015
I've had better launches. I've had worse. Washed out in the glider contest with two Red Barons and one lost Deltie (both parts), but I did get my NARTREK Silver glider flight in. Also lost a 24 mm casing, but one newly built rocket and one newly rebuilt one flew pretty well. Blog:

[Image: img_4371.jpg][Image: img_4374.jpg][Image: img_4394.jpg][Image: img_4409.jpg][Image: img_4468.jpg][Image: img_4562.jpg][Image: img_4652.jpg][Image: img_4714.jpg][Image: img_4719.jpg][Image: img_4786.jpg]
Rich Holmes
Camillus, NY
Secretary / newsletter editor
Syracuse Rocket Club

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