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Personal Launch Report - URRG 7/26/15
So I needed a pretty easy day.   Time to bust out the Optimas!

First off my New and as of yet unpainted Optima 38 with a Loki G80LW   Love this motor.

[Image: 19857601469_02bd72d2f5_c.jpg][Image: 19507078883_287f709c88_z.jpg]

landed just past the mod rocs Smile
[Image: 20049571631_8f77c7231a_c.jpg]

G76G in my old L1 Optima

[Image: 19856087180_cb23a000d2_z.jpg]

The weekend before Tim releases his 2.6" darkstar, I fly my bluetube one :Smile LOL.   This was a great flight.... Flew on the 38mm 2G case Dan Patell made for me....with one of his Plain Jane loads.  Love it.

[Image: 19856043060_c388875943_c.jpg]

Did not love the recovery.  Did single deploy and put the chute in the booster.  Didn't pull out. Sad

[Image: 19855917888_bd46d4fefb_b.jpg]

Tossed a G79W in the Optima 29

[Image: 19855748510_7334048de2_c.jpg]

Just outside the pads this time.
[Image: 19855738560_7c8d143fa3_c.jpg]

G76G again
[Image: 19422718113_50090f2563_z.jpg]

and right by the mod rocs again

[Image: 20043684065_4006134a04_z.jpg]

wraps it up for me...nice and easy.  bunch of other cool flights can be found here:

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