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Score! - What deals and steals have you made?
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Phill Ash
Secretary - SouthEastern Virginia Rocketry Association (SEVRA)
2015 Tot Impulse: 1398.8 Ns (L2, 45 Flights, 57 Motors)
2016 Tot Impulse: 190.3 Ns (L2, 14 Flights, 16 Motors)

I picked mine up yesterday.
Recently finished: Estes Nova Payloader, Estes Star Wars R2D2
In the paint booth: Estes Super Neon XL, MPC Taurus-1, Estes Screamin' Mimi
Under construction: Estes Pathfinder, Estes Magician (2440), TLP Hellfire AGM-114A
Ready for decals: Semroc Cherokee D, Quasar XL
On deck: Centuri Vector V, TLP Martel AS 37
As mentioned elsewhere under Mid-Power, I picked up a Der Red Max that was modified to fly D & E motors, for under $20 total including shipping and packaging (which was excellent, I might add.)  The original builder added modeling clay to the nosecone to shift the CG forward of the CP, replaced the shock cord with a length of kevlar, used epoxy on plywood fins, and included both the original and an 18" mylar chute for my choice.   I though $7 was a little much, but it was well packed in a larger box with lots of crumpled newspaper and pillow bags!  The rocket was wrapped in shopping bags, so even if it got wet or rained upon, the rocket would be dry. I'm pleased!  I launch it next week!
I use 'attach' at the bottom of the form. First browse to and attach the pic, then hit 'insert into post'
Phill Ash
Secretary - SouthEastern Virginia Rocketry Association (SEVRA)
2015 Tot Impulse: 1398.8 Ns (L2, 45 Flights, 57 Motors)
2016 Tot Impulse: 190.3 Ns (L2, 14 Flights, 16 Motors)

(08-11-2015, 11:40 AM)Kirk G Wrote: I have tried three times to upload a photo of the rocket as an attachment. I even went to the Forum Help section.  After selecting, uploading, it dumps me out and never gives me an "insert" button.  Something's wrong here.

What size is the file? Sounds like it's too large. Unfortunately the system often fails to give an error message in that case, it just silently rejects it.
Rich Holmes
Camillus, NY
Secretary / newsletter editor
Syracuse Rocket Club
There's a mid or high power steal over here:

Dan Patell
TRA 10904 L3
Patell Manufacturing Facebook Page
I picked up a built and fully glassed LOC Expediter for $40. Also a CTI 38mm 5G casing for $20 and four 29mm AT casings, the 40-120, 180, 240 and 360 for $80. I think I made out on those deals.
I don't know if anyone would consider this a deal or not but...

Last week I bought the remains of an Estes Vostok kit. I saw it in the catalog as a kid but didn't buy it, probably saying to myself, "I don't want no Russian rocket." Apparently, no one else did either because it was only offered two years. But I was always intrigued by its design. I jumped on the chance to buy this one for $10.

The bag is in tatters and many parts are missing. The body tube is in rough shape but that's easily replaced. Luckily, all the hard to reproduce parts—the die cut card stock parts and decals—are there, even the little textured tube wrap. This one's definitely going in the build pile. The face card will eventually be framed.

As an added bonus, tucked inside the Vostok's body tube was an ancient piece of BT-50 and a BNC-50Y. They're in rough shape but usable for another retro project.
Living life dangerously...launching C's on a B field.
While I was uncertain about a deal that I was trying to work out with a store owner to build a rocket for his store, I ordered a Leviathan to ensure that I at least had one at the sale price. Finally he decided to commit, and he bought two Leviathans, and the deal was that I'd build him one, and I get the other.

My order arrives fine, but when his order arrives, and it's beat up pretty bad. One Leviathan is OK, the other has damage. I tell him, then he tells Estes, and they send him a replacement. However, nearly 3 weeks later, it still hasn't arrived. I call Estes and get the tracking number, and check it. Due to some glitch, it looks like it was already delivered to somebody's home in a nearby community... several weeks into the future.

Estes sends another replacement directly to me. I get the package, and rather than having just the parts for the damaged kit, it has two complete Leviathans in it. Now I've got five Leviathans... and since the shop owner didn't build rockets, he let me keep all of the spares. I ordered extra parts to fix the damaged rocket, as well as stretch the one I made for the guy's store, and one of mine, those parts arrived looking good. Several weeks later I was able to finish his rocket, and when I delivered it to him, he had a box there for me. Turns out that Estes had sent the missing shipment to his billing address, not his shipping address, and that did arrive on the date from the previous tracking number. It also had two Leviathans in it, and fortunately both of those were in pristine condition.

All told, I had seven Leviathans, and I only had to part with one for him.
NAR #100544

"The Guide says there is an art to flying", said Ford, "or rather a knack." 
"The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

Launching is Optional... Landing? That Depends on Trees.

I'm pretty sure I read about that over on TRF. You had a picture of the standard next to a stretched along with a small dog to show scale, correct!? If so, it's that picture that made me decide to do a stretched Leviathan myself. Haven't built it yet, but I will soon

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