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trouble logging in?
To participate in this forum there are a couple of things you must do.
The biggest question in email so far has been, "I created my account, I can login but cant do anything". When you create your account, the server looks first to see if you are a bot or a spammer. Then it creates your account and SENDS an ACTIVATION EMAIL to the Email Address you gave us during signup. Until you follow the link in that email your a guest who can only view posts.

Sorry for the caps.....
Cheers for activating my account.
I very definitely never received the email. Just sayin' Wink

Cheers again.
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Viking i would check with your mail hosting provider for why you are not getting your messages. NOT trying to bust your oranges or anything but the mail server logs clearly show a delivery and acceptance.

to=<**********>,[]:25, delay=5.4, delays=0.03/0.01/3.6/1.8, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 ok: Message 460176998 accepted)
Now that is intersting! Thanks for the info, I'm now wondering what else my ISP has not passed on to me...
AMRS #54
WARS #24
Viking that is NOT uncommon. The ISP's do an awful job of dealing with spam!

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Cheers Bill, my ISP sends me a list of mail captured by their filters so I may release anything that has been captured by error. The activation email was not listed. You are correct though, no system is perfect. I just got unlucky in this instance.
AMRS #54
WARS #24
LW Bercini asked me to ask the admins to check his subscrption request. His UID is Pondextur and his email is I wil point him to this thread in case the answer was already posted. Thanx!

Oops, the UID is Poindextur...can not work this smart phone Sad
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