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New Scans: Estes Wizard (1292) Original 1978-1992 Livery
I'm sure that there are plenty of scans of this out there. However, I've got access to a very nice scanner, so I scanned the facecard, plans, decals, and fins for anyone who wants them. These weren't even out of the bag for an hour before I scanned them. I think my first Wizard was one of my first five (certainly first ten) rockets I ever built.

Images link to flickr.  Full sized .tif images can be downloaded from there.

[Image: 21031991832_f9234f3489.jpg]  

[Image: 21032653802_45db1fe6b6.jpg]

[Image: 21016378816_c278b25eda.jpg] 
[Image: 21016241496_0ae425b534_o.jpg] 

[Image: 20419755994_1845dabb9f.jpg]   [Image: 21032440462_47cf76a5b6_o.jpg]
NAR #100544

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Great documentation.
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