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HeliCat sighting on Wife Swap
So I ended up in the waiting room of an ER last night (the wife - everything's okay) and was teetering between napping, listening to the drugged-out teen next to me, and watching 'Wife Swap'.  For some reason, they swapped Terrell Owens and Robert Carradine.  Carradine decided that TO's kids needed a bit of science on their resumes so he took them to a park with a HeliCat starter set.  After at least one ignitor burn-out (probably a white-head 'starter'), the got it to launch.  Inexplicably (or I caught a microdoze) they didn't show its recovery.  Instead they cut to a shot of TO's son catching a 2L water rocket and then more pump-launches of a few more of the same.  I wonder if the HeliCat treed or what....?
Phill Ash
Secretary - SouthEastern Virginia Rocketry Association (SEVRA)
2015 Tot Impulse: 1398.8 Ns (L2, 45 Flights, 57 Motors)
2016 Tot Impulse: 190.3 Ns (L2, 14 Flights, 16 Motors)


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