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Hellraiser.... The Abbreviated Build Thread.
Airframes, PT Deux: lower/fin can connection, av-bay mounting and switch holes.

I have a 2000 Subaru. component size is dictated by trunk space. Therefore, to permanently attach the lower airframe to the fin can, creating a 60" tube is simply not feasible.

[Image: 11535792_10204626356044744_1499853680646...e=56618B42]

During mock-up, holes are drilled in the upper airframe into the coupler. Threaded inserts are epoxied into the coupler. 8 #10 screws in a staggered pattern bolt the lower airframe to the fin can.

[Image: 11140395_10204626359164822_6796018148171...e=5667FA14]

The top two centering rings are mounted in the coupler, with the coupler insert installed. The threaded inserts are visible up near the fore CR.

[Image: 11403485_10204643826241488_3795362748767...e=56A029C9]

Marking switch location for the av-bay on the upper AF. This particular tube was going to be used on something else, which is why the spirals are already filled. It added a little bit of weight, so that's why it's serving as the uppermost airframe section.

[Image: 1533839_10204643827801527_87307709487803...e=566A638E]

And the holes drilled. The one looks a little rough, I admit. I'll get her cleaned up by flight time. The av-bay is attached to the upper AF by 4 #10 screws and threaded inserts, similar to the lower AF/fin can. This will let me transport the rocket in Subaru-sized chunks, and assemble at the field without too much trouble.

Next: layup.



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