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Hellraiser.... The Abbreviated Build Thread.
Av-Bay Exterior

Rather than purchase an av-bay kit, I had stepped bulkheads cut for me by Nat from Upscale CNC.  They were cut a smidge oversized, which required sanding down for a good fit, but this is the way I prefer it anyway.  

[Image: 11412294_10204541526484058_2660513900100...e=565ED7EC]

To mark the interior of the bulkheads, I drew a centerline, then used one of the centering rings to mark out a 4" circle.  

[Image: 1511715_10204541526884068_35000952381692...e=5664697B]

I figured where the center line and circle intersect is a good place to drill for the allthread.

[Image: 10868027_10204541529604136_5086744606646...e=566A8F0B]

To figure spacing for the hardware attachment, a similar approach is used.  There are two points on this side (top), and one on the lower.

[Image: 1908155_10204541530484158_41737283059099...e=56AA3314]

Here's the result of those efforts.  

[Image: 11755859_10204791506453401_2814255267379...e=569C94D0]

The terminals are a new style for me, but I rather dig them.  These are through-the-bulkhead type from Doghouse Rocketry.  The supplied screws are plenty long enough for most bulkheads, but a wee bit short for these, as they're 1/2" thick.  The screws were replaced with longer versions.  Also, somewhere in there, the face of the bulkheads got a layer of glass that was laying around doing nothing.  

[Image: 11403060_10204669204355925_6004990823813...e=5668AE70]

Switches are the rotary Schurters.  There's one for each flight computer.  the 1/2" hole drilled in the airframe permits the body to pass through, but the bezel sits on top of the av-bay... which will not do.  Countersinking is necessary.  

[Image: 11220111_10204791511773534_4963709470256...e=566DD1F9]

After a brief, satisfying affair with the step bit, the switches sit flush like they're supposed to: Easily accessible from outside the airframe, without the switch band.

[Image: 10410451_10204791514413600_7069962630502...e=56745F45]

Six Blastcaps are added... three on each bulkhead.  Simple, slick installation here: place, screw, done.   These are the medium-sized versions... don't figure I'd need more than 4 or 5 grams per charge.  These'll hold up to 8, so I've got plenty of wiggle room.  

[Image: 11028048_10204791529853986_3935235920572...e=565DAE4E]

Vanity.  Pure vanity.  That's why I painted the av-bay.  There were too many squiggles and marking lines on there for me to process.   I figure it's permissible, as how often do you make a L3 attempt?

[Image: 10891977_10204791530774009_4369667885048...e=566BAAA2]

And the top bulkhead, all complete.  Figured I should paint the bulkheads, too.  

Fun fact: the only thing I measured thus far is the switch holes off the centerline, and the vertical position of the screws from the end of the tube.  Everything else was derived from known figures and impromptu tools, like the CR and paper wrap.  This low-tech approach must have worked, because the slots lined up with the CNC'd dado cuts in the CRs.  

Next: Av-Bay interior.



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