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Hellraiser.... The Abbreviated Build Thread.
Av-Bay, Interior:

Hellraiser is running a Raven 3 and a Telemetrum 2.0.  There's enough room inside this av-bay to make this happen several times over.

[Image: 10986844_10204598481667902_6247335398355...e=56619A92]

Here's my trusty Raven 3.  She's been in at least 4 different rockets: Hornet, Goblin, Phoenix, and now, Hellraiser.  That said, this will be the first time I'll be using it without the Power Perch, as I want the rotary switch rather than the magnetic one inherent to the Power Perch setup.  Normally, I'm a fan of the magnetic switch--just not on this project.

[Image: 10650060_10204791506133393_3565039415676...e=569E11C0]

I used JST connectors to connect components to make it easy to remove the sled and transfer components between other av-bays, so I did a fair amount of splicing, soldering, and heat-shrinking.  In the background, you can see the Telemetrum computer.

[Image: 10389415_10204791523773834_8691439021864...e=565EE1BD]

While I could have used a 9v or other battery, I opted to use the standard 3.7 LiPo for the Raven 3.  In order to secure the diminutive power supply, I fashioned a small battery holder, as there wasn't a commercial one available to the best of my knowledge.

[Image: 11753677_10204791528733958_7101420827460...e=5666C63C]

Crude, but functional.  A single #2-56 screw is used to secured the crossbar.  

[Image: 11221947_10204908867187346_4616907084839...e=56A4E12B]

Some odd RFI was noted during testing... addition of the ferrite choke, here, improved things dramatically.  

Next: Airframe assembly.



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