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Hellraiser.... The Abbreviated Build Thread.

After the fin can had cured, I backfilled the remaining slots with some aeropoxy light filler, but got no quality photos of the process. I'd considered going around the base with a single layer of light glass, but figured it'd not be worth the effort... would you have done it? Or perhaps something else? How would you handle full-length slots?

[Image: 11260671_10205009042651670_3543285678039...e=569D7DFD]

Anyways, surface is prepped by sanding off obvious high spots, and then shooting with rattle-can primer. This one, to be precise.

[Image: 11921704_10205009042331662_2569278557453...e=56AB4822]

Sand a bit more, and fill in obvious lows with some of this.

[Image: 11951908_10205008964049705_5983846556913...e=56A38A3A]

Lather, rinse, repeat until I can live with the finish. Process repeated for each airframe section.

[Image: 11951979_10205009088012804_2662594686924...e=5691BB2C]

Airframes are shot in 2x Gloss Black. Two coats were done, with a wet-sand between.

[Image: 11225724_10205057771589863_4707031961636...e=5695720D]

When I saw Mark from Stickershock was again accepting orders, I contacted him immediately. Pinhead is amblazoned on the FWFG nosecone.

[Image: 10982175_10205061921333604_1393936407802...e=5697247D]

To have a Hellraiser rocket without chains and hooks is just.... wrong. So Mark made up some for me. I had to slice them with the Favorite X-Acto knife at the airframe separation points.

[Image: 11988492_10205062172219876_1581991946499...e=56A18131]

He even made the faces of the infamous puzzle box --the Lament Configuration-- for the fins.

[Image: 11987104_10205062172579885_5069554092936...e=56636296]

Air bubbles are worked out with a squeegee. I mean, my Tripoli card. Yes, I may have used this JUST to post in a build thread. Heh.

[Image: 10155718_10205062172659887_4837498931305...e=569550EC]

Fins. I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.

Next: Assembled reveal.



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