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Hellraiser.... The Abbreviated Build Thread.

It worked.

I'm pleased to announce that, despite my best efforts, I've got my level 3. 
This past Saturday, Hellraiser got off the ground at MDRA's ESL 209 on a CTI M 1770. 
She went 4,995 feet (drag higher than expected), and 731 FPS. 
The 2' x 24' streamer brought her in at ~80 FPS.  Nosecone was jettisoned at 600', and recovered under a 48" Fruity Chutes Iris Ultra, which served as a pilot to yank the 96" Iris Ultra out of its deployment bag.  She came to a gentle landing with the lower airframe on the right side, and the upper airframe on the left side of a ditch.  The nosecone was recovered ~25 yards away. 

Much thanks to everyone who assisted with, and retained interest in, this project.  But most of all, I've got to thank my wonderful (and hot!) girlfriend, Nikki, for putting up with my nerdery, and my awesome kids, who ran "mission control" at the computer reading and relaying the telemetry, were in charge of tracking, and assisted in recovery.  Tom C, and Scott were invaluable help at the pad (I'd never used the hydraulic setup at MDRA...), and my buddy, Bob, who helped lug the thing and load her and recover her.  Also, I would be remiss to neglect to mention my fantastic TAPs, Robert DeHate and Fred Wallace.  Their time and knowledge base was much appreciated through this project.  If I didn't go with the longer cord, as Fred suggested, I wouldn't have spanned the ditch at landing, that's for sure!  Also thanks to Tommy Higgs for letting us use his land, and MDRA for being such a fantastic group of people to fly with.

It should be noted that the first motor I flew after receiving my cert was a 24mm G.  Heh.  Because that's what one does... make sure the kids get to see theirs fly on Daddy's motors.  Sunday was theirs... I had my Saturday in the sun... even if it was working on wicked cold.  Heh.

Data, photos, and video forthcoming...



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