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What's your favorite MPR rocket(s)?
My first MPR rocket was/is an AeroTech Arreuax.  I still bring it to HPR launches.  It flies straight takes no time to prep and is a fun rocket.  Because I love launching it so much and it has such great potential for some alt I purchased a second one which I am building as a dual deploy.

Anything I can prep in 37 seconds or less, shove a GXX motor in, and walk out to the launch pad...

Toss up between my LOC Onyx, and my scratch built Optima, or a nice light mini magg Smile

[Image: 14616995986_e7e17edbea.jpg][Image: 6166394485_e9ab7eb446.jpg][Image: 8195819595_d1735477f0.jpg]
The largest two rockets that I've ever built so far, are the MEGA Mosquito (which I dearly loved, until I snapped a fin last launch)... and the Super XL Neon, which also takes a larger D or E motor. ( UPDATE: The Mega Mosquito failed to open it's chute the second flight after being repaired and has crumpled a body tube. I think I may have to build another one.)

Everyone keeps telling me that these are gateway drugs, and urge me to build bigger and spend more... but so far, I've been successfully resisting their "peer pressure"...
My fave general purpose mid power rocket has to be the LOC Graduator. Flys on D-H and if you make the motor mount a 38mm and add a payload section it can take I's and even baby J's. My certification flight was at a Magnum launch in Ohio (yes I have been around a while) with a stock Graduator and a Vulcan H100.
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I really like the AeroTech Initiator model. Big Grin

I am also partial to the AeroTech Cheetah, Barracuda, Wart Hog, Strong Arm and Mirage.
The Mustang and Arreaux are pretty good too.

The new Estes PSII E2X models work pretty well.
Oh, I don't want to forget about the Semroc SLS models (Hustler, Aero-Dart & Explorer).

Big Grin

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This, even though I have not flown it yet:

[Image: 18676248629_86141a90f6_k.jpg]Final Decals 2015-06-02 002 by Dave Holmes, on Flickr
My current favorite MPR rocket is actually a system of rocket "sections" that include this variation:

On a F15-6:
On a G53-FJ-7:
First RMS Flight: June-17 2015
Pringles Can Rocket
G53-FJ-7 (29-40/120) 92 Newton-Seconds
~1300 Ft
My current favorite would be my Madcow Little John. It comes with a 38mm MMT which gives it a lot of motor options. It is small enough that it really cooks on Gs, but "beefy" enough that it can handle larger stuff.
Oh that's easy, a LOC Onyx. I will alway have at least one laying around.
The LOC Graduator is easy to love...nice lobs with an F, good height on G's and rippin' flights on an H. I also did my L1 cert with one. But I think my new faves are going to be a couple of Madcow Mini FG kits I picked up at recent launches - a Mini Frenzy and the Mini Cowabunga. 29mm fun in a small size, and glass durability to handle our abrasive desert launch sites.
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