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Parachute Vendors?
Who are the manufacturer's of custom parachutes?

I have heard of "Fruity Chutes" and "Top Flight Recovery" and am wondering two things:

1.  Are there any other vendors who make/sell parachutes for model rockets?
2.  How do I find them/their websites?

Google is your friend here. Just google any one of these names and I'm willing to bet you will get their website:

-Top Flight recovery
-Fruity Chutes
-CATO Chutes
-Rocketman Recovery
-Skyangle Parachutes
-Mad Cow Rocketry

So far thats all I can think of. Hope this helps!

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These folks have some cool tye-dye chutes:
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Thanks for all the help! I will be checking all of them out as soon as I can get some time away from work!
Military surplus chutes ranging from 16" (inches) to 28' (feet):
Rich Holmes
Camillus, NY
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I'm certain that I'm going to get lynched for suggesting this, but have you considered taking the nylon off from that funky broken pop-up umbrella your kid came home from school with....and re-purposing it as a six panel chute instead of an eight panel umbrella skin?

I've done several of them, and use them for some of my larger low power to medium power rockets if/when the mylar chute melts or rips. (If you can't sew, talk the wife/girlfriend into helping. I find I can rip a seam without her, and if I load the thread into the machine properly, I can sew a straight seam and tack on the shroud lines by myself.)

<OK. Start with the objections now....>
No objections from me at all on this idea! However, a big "THANKS" is offered instead! Never would have thought of that! Have been reading at NAR's site ( about making my own parachutes (thanks Chris Michielssen) as well.
and Sunward
Angelo Castellano
Sunward Group Limited
and Sunward! Haven't forgotten them/you! Will post my list for others to view this weekend as well.

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